Yes, she was 61 at the time. Much too young.
We had been married for 37 years and I wanted more time.
So I froze her.

A fisherman from birth, you see,
And she fell in love with me when we were still teens.
Snowball fights in the winter, walking together in the summer.
We made love only after we were married.
She is the only woman I ever knew
The only woman I ever loved.

She looks as she did when she slept, beautiful as the day we met.
She turns 71 tomorrow and I would have a cake.

I’m not crazy.

She has crystals on her lashes,
Snowflakes on her skin,
But she is nearer than a photo,
And not eaten away by worms in the ground—
Her hands are still pale as when we walked in the woods.

She died in her sleep, 10 years ago, just folded up and died.
I woke and cried and cried,
Unable to realize that she was gone,
Having not experienced death directly in any significant way,
Unsure of what to do or who to call,
I placed her in a freezer.
After a few months, I purchased a new freezer for her,
Cleaned her, dressed her, and rested her where she is today,
Frozen, ready for me to join her one-day.
We shall lie together on the ice,
Waiting for eternity,
Alone in the joy of frozen cold.


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